Saturday, May 09, 2015

That moment when you don't know what to write

Its funny. When you read blogs at first you might think, I can do that! But once you start you realize its not as easy as it looks.

I've been suffering with a major case of nobody-cares-what-i-write. But the truth is that the beauty in a blog written for the purpose of just allowing ones life to play out IS to allow it to just flow out. It may not be perfect or pretty some times. You may think we have everything together. Or that my kids always do as they are told (trust me they don't) but I am not perfect and I fall down and need to work my way back up.

 I've been working through a period of being down and feeling very far from God. That is such a scary thing to say! I worry what people might think but I realize as I've started reaching out to friends that we all have times like this and we need to be honest with our friends so they can pray for us, be there for us, and some times even lovingly call us out when are thinking is slightly incorrect.

I also am noticing that I do miss blogging. Even just the silly, simple things. I'm not going to promise to blog more. I've done that and then didn't follow through. I guess I'm just putting it out there so that if you are feeling down and like you don't have it all figured out, that you know, you are not alone.

Friday, January 02, 2015

It's a new year!

Wow! As always I can't believe it's already January! But alas it is and it's time for new goals and resolutions.

 This year we are working hard to get our finances in order through a Dave Ramsey style budgeting plan. We have worked on this in the past but never got too far. It seemed as if something always came up to discourage us or set us back horribly but this year, this time it already seems different! Why? I don't know other than we have been working through the whole month of December and praying a lot for help and we have seen the blessings pour in! It's truly amazing to watch God work in our lives in this way!

Another resolution I have is to try to get to a healthier style of cooking. It's not easy on a "beans and rice" budget but I am determined to put as many good nutritious meals in our bodies as possible.

Once again you can see a huge break in my blogging. I'm not going to promise that I will blog more frequently because we all know how that works. But I do want to try to at least add pictures and updates once a month because part of my purpose for this blog is a written picture of our family's lives so that someday the kids can look and see all that we did and my thoughts on how life was when they were little.