Friday, November 17, 2006

I guess it's been a while

So I haven't blogged in about a week. It's been a little hectic but not too bad considering we are a big family. My current project is to put all the dressers in the house in my bedroom so that I have one place to go when trying to put away laundry, or help the kids put their's away. Tomorrow my sister is coming over to help me get this done. Oh, and tomorrow R has his go-see-it Police Station visit for Cub Scouts. He is very excited! Also, his AWANA and cub scouts are both doing a pinewood derby this year so he has to make two cars! But he is pretty excited about this too.
I am finding it hard, given the holidays, that my hubby is overseas. We try to IM almost everyday but it's still hard when I don't have him here with me. Yet the good Lord is using this time as such a learning experience for me. God is giving me the faith to step back and remember that He is carrying me through this hard time. And while He is working on me He is showing me how to be a better financial planner for our family. Since I do the budget I have been trying to get us to be debt free. Yes it will be awhile until we reach this goal, but the important thing is that we are trying and getting closer. Everytime I start to get down about money, God reminds me of all we have already payed off and overcome. Plus he is always sending me little reminders that He wants to help me. For example about a week or two ago our DVD player broke. Well, living on a budget means having to wait to replace things when they break, so I planned out how to budget for a new one. A few days later me dad called saying he had something to drop off for us. It was a new DVD player! Isn't that great! God is good and He takes care of us, not only our needs but also he helps us to have little extras in our life. This is so great because it is almost the season to start watching It's A Wonderful Life, one of my all time favorite movies. Okay, well goodbye for now. God Bless you.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chaos after voting

So I can't help but be disappointed that republicans took such a beating, but now that election season is over we all need to realize we are not republicans and democrats, we are Americans. And we need to work togeather! Okay, now I'm done with that. I am also upset with what people think about partial birth abortion. As if killing your unborn baby wasn't enough, it seems that the supreme court may be swayed into dropping the ban on 2nd trimester abortions. It upsets me that a baby that might be stong enough to survive can be killed simply because the mother decides it. Where do we draw the line between killings? If the baby is inside the mother it's okay, but as soon as the head is outside of the mother THEN the child is considered unkillable? It just is outrageous to me. No matter what it is a child, from the moment of conception it is a child.
Okay, so I'm down off my soapbox for the moment. I thought I would tell you all some of my favorite sites.
1. This is an awesome site with a lot of really good tips for Christian stay-at-home moms.
2. Another good site for Christian women.
3. This is a Christian woman who posts about a lot of really good issues we deal with everyday as Christians and as mothers.
I'll add more as I think about them, but for now there are my favorites.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A picture of my American Hero!

This is a picture of my dh, a proud member of the United States Navy currently serving our country on the Kuwait/Iraq border. Just wanted to show him off. I am so proud of you babe! God Bless our troops and our great country!


Well it's almost time for voting to be over. Did you vote? I feel like a kid waiting for something. I have CNN on and I'm waiting to see what the results are. I really hope we can keep a republican congress. I may not agree with all that they have done, but I am a conservative christian so I am more in line with republicans. Ohio just put out that they aren't going to post results until 9 pm. So I am waiting up for that. Plus I am hoping to IM dh late tonight. It's not fun when time zones are so different. Currently the difference is 8 hours. Oh well, I am just so glad I get to IM him! And God has kept him safe, which I am also so grateful for. We just found out dh may be able to come home by April 15! I hope it is that soon. Well time to go watch the election results.

Monday, November 06, 2006

So I have it all up and running.

So I have my blog up and running. How do you like it? Well I thought it looked kinda empty with just one post so I'll post this one. The two children who stay at home with me most of the time, R and K, are playing right now. It always amazes me how my son interacts with his little sister. For now I will say goodbye. Enjoy your dinner.

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging

Okay so here it is, my first attempt at blogging. My name is Melissa and I am married to Steve. We were married in September of 2001. We currently have 5 children together. We are a yours, mine and ours family. For safety all the kids names will be only their first intial and their age for clarity. Our 5 children are: J-ds age 10 (11 in Feb), S-dd age 9 (10 in Feb), M-dd age 7, R-ds age 6, and K-dd age 1 (2 in Feb). We also have 2 cats Smokey and Shadow. That's our gang! Welcome to my blog. I hope my postings will be a blessing to you all.