Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chaos after voting

So I can't help but be disappointed that republicans took such a beating, but now that election season is over we all need to realize we are not republicans and democrats, we are Americans. And we need to work togeather! Okay, now I'm done with that. I am also upset with what people think about partial birth abortion. As if killing your unborn baby wasn't enough, it seems that the supreme court may be swayed into dropping the ban on 2nd trimester abortions. It upsets me that a baby that might be stong enough to survive can be killed simply because the mother decides it. Where do we draw the line between killings? If the baby is inside the mother it's okay, but as soon as the head is outside of the mother THEN the child is considered unkillable? It just is outrageous to me. No matter what it is a child, from the moment of conception it is a child.
Okay, so I'm down off my soapbox for the moment. I thought I would tell you all some of my favorite sites.
1. This is an awesome site with a lot of really good tips for Christian stay-at-home moms.
2. Another good site for Christian women.
3. This is a Christian woman who posts about a lot of really good issues we deal with everyday as Christians and as mothers.
I'll add more as I think about them, but for now there are my favorites.

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