Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prenatal Appt.

So I had another appt. today with my midwife. It went really well. I'm measuring right on target for my 17 weeks and baby's heartbeat was good at 140. And I've only gained a total of 6 lbs for this pregnancy thus far. I'm feeling pretty good right now! It's so nice to get back into the swing of things at home. I feel like I'm coming out of a long fog now that I'm feeling better and starting to have more energy! It's also nice to be feeling better because it's summer and the kids and I like to get out and do things. We will be going camping several times this summer along with going to the zoo and various other summertime outings. Oh and I have my ultrasound next weds. and I can't wait!! I really want to know what this baby is so I can start getting some of the clothes out of the shed to inventory. I want to get them out now but I know that's just silly. Since everyone wants to know what I "think" the baby is I'll go ahead and say boy, but really I'm not sure. Wednesday can't get here fast enough!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven

Crystal at is hosting a refresher course for the making your home a haven series and I figured this would be a great thing to comment on. We are trying to make our home work out better for us. We were originally trying to move this summer and get a bigger van but we've decided to put these things on hold for six months to a year. So because of that we are trying to revamp our house to make it less cluttered and work better for the whole family. Plus we are trying to figure out where to put the new baby's things in the house. Not that a baby needs a whole lot, but I am hoping to find a place to store clothing, a bassinet, a swing, and maybe a changing station (which may end up housing the clothing and diapers too.). Today however I am simply trying to finish up the living room. I need to declutter it and finish reorganizing it since we took several bigger items out (like our huge entertainment stand). Between that and getting the general house back in order since we've been very busy the past four days with preparing for and operating a yard sale and then father's day with moving the big furniture around in the living room. Happy Cleaning to all who participate.

Monday, June 09, 2008


I'm looking for some encouragement because I'm tired of being put down for being a stay-at-home mom who doesn't "work" (regardless of the fact that I take care of our home and children and working on a home business...but no of course I don't "work") and for the size of our family. We are talking about going to get a 15 passenger van. We've found a couple we are going to go look at tonight that might be what we are looking for but apparently we don't know what we are doing because a lot of family members say well you can still fit in a mini-van, one of those 8 seaters. What they don't think about is when we have to put something other than people in said mini-van. Plus, here's where they get even more mad, we might still have more kids! What would we do then, go out and buy yet another vehicle? That's just silly. We need to get into the right size vehicle now so we can start paying it off now. Then years down the road we can just own it outright. What a novel concept wanting to own something without debt attached to it. Grrr... I'm just so frustrated. I know our life is much different than the average Americans but it's MY life not theirs. What they don't see is what is beneath the surface. Like when I'm asked when my youngest will be put into preschool in the fall. I simply told that family member, again, that I will be homeschooling her. She is already so smart and she loves to learn, I don't want that to go away. We have four older children who we have to allow the state to educate (due to our family dynamics it's not something we can do anything about). I won't allow the next one to be state educated too. Our children our blessed to have a father who loves them so much that he is willing to do all he can to give them their mother/stepmother at home with them all the time. These children don't know what it is to have to be separated from their family all the time. Plus the cost alone would make it not feasible for me to work, my income would go negative due to the daycare costs. Alright I'll stop with my rant. If anyone has any suggestions on how to handle family members who just don't understand please offer some suggestions.

Monday, June 02, 2008

It seems like I never blog anymore

I know I know. Where am I? Well I've been feeling pretty sick lately and I'm just starting to feel better now. I'm 15 weeks today and I still get queasy sometimes but I'm definitely feeling much better than I was. Plus soccer and hockey and everything season is finally over! Yeah! Now that school is almost over it's so nice to just be able to relax and enjoy the kids. Meanwhile we are looking for a new house and a new van. With this new blessing on the way we don't have any seats left in our present minivan so we need to move up to something bigger. We are hoping to get a 12 or 15 passenger van. Meanwhile we are also looking for a bigger house. Our price range is very low so it's my hope that we find something soon despite the price range.

So my big thing right now is working on getting the house super clean again (it was hard to do deep cleaning with so much going on and morning sickness). I'm trying to find a good schedule to keep on. Any ideas?