Monday, June 16, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven

Crystal at is hosting a refresher course for the making your home a haven series and I figured this would be a great thing to comment on. We are trying to make our home work out better for us. We were originally trying to move this summer and get a bigger van but we've decided to put these things on hold for six months to a year. So because of that we are trying to revamp our house to make it less cluttered and work better for the whole family. Plus we are trying to figure out where to put the new baby's things in the house. Not that a baby needs a whole lot, but I am hoping to find a place to store clothing, a bassinet, a swing, and maybe a changing station (which may end up housing the clothing and diapers too.). Today however I am simply trying to finish up the living room. I need to declutter it and finish reorganizing it since we took several bigger items out (like our huge entertainment stand). Between that and getting the general house back in order since we've been very busy the past four days with preparing for and operating a yard sale and then father's day with moving the big furniture around in the living room. Happy Cleaning to all who participate.


M. Stevenson said...


We seem to be going through some similar things. Baby #4 is due in August for us, and we're hoping to do a yard sale soon, too. I know you've "done babies" before, so this may not be new to you, but we chose to find a decent dresser that we could put a changing pad on top of for the diaper stage, rather than go with the baby furniture (aka changing table) that would eventually be outgrown. Nearly all of our furniture was either given to us, purchased at a yard sale, or found on the curb on trash day, so trust that the Lord will provide you with exactly what you need.

One last comment, which really relates to your last post: I heard a snippet of a news story a short time ago that a stay-at-home mom would make over $134,000 a year if she were paid for all that she does. (I did find a link through from doing a google search--the figures are from 2006), and that doesn't even include being a home-school educator! I didn't read the whole article, but what I gleaned from it is this: we're likely worth more financially than our husbands, and likely work longer hours as well. Just knowing that little bit of information makes me appreciate what I do a little bit more, even if most people think you do nothing but "stay home." So be encouraged: you WORK, you just don't get paid with money! And it's one of the most important jobs that a woman can do!

Melissa said...

I like your idea, and if it wasn't for the fact that we've already been given the changing table/station it would be what we would probably do. As far as the income for a stay-at-home mom...WOW! It's great that some articles/people can look at it like that. I'm glad to have inspiration/encouragement from other moms, it's hard when you feel like you have no one else who understands your family.