Thursday, May 28, 2009


I don't know why I put myself through such torture every year, but I do it. Every year my daughters need new bathing suits and every year I arrive home frustrated at the lack of selection. This year when I went into my rant, my husband said, "You can't be the only one fed up with this, we don't you blog about it." And so here I am. First I went into Walmart. After finding success with two adorable t-shirt/shorts combos for my two youngest I was on to find something for my older two girls.

This is where I started getting mad. I think I saw one, yes ONE one-piece. That's it. And the cutout for the legs looked like it was meant to show off far more than I want to think about my girls showing. Then I thought well maybe a cute two-piece that covered everything. Nope. Aparently two-pieces are created to show off everything but what legally has to be covered. And this is in the 4-16 section! Why do we as a society think it is cute to have our little girls look like...well you know. I found a single pair of shorts bottoms at walmart and scooped them up like gold. Then I went to target where I scored cute outfits last year. They had two styles and had only one matching set in a size I needed. But because I had grabbed the shorts from walmart I was able to pair it up to a t-shirt style top and voila. We have swimsuits for the year. (Or at least until someone grows out of them.)

Now if only I could find a good bathing suit for myself. Sigh. Maybe I'll have to look into ordering them online next year.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Learning to blog better

I'm thinking about how I can blog on a more regular basis and about how I can help people with the things I know. Sometimes it's hard for me to put anything out here because I assume that anything I have to say is boring, or just already known by others. Yet there are so many good blogs out there that seem to just put out there regular thoughts and feelings. They say what they feel like regardless of how boring or whatever else it might be. So I need to just start getting my thoughts out there. Any advice would be helpful.

Friday, May 22, 2009

More pics of the kids coming soon

It's been incredibly hectic around here lately as we are getting ready to move in a few weeks (we bought a repo that was basically guted and we've been working hard to get it fixed up so we can move in, more to come later). Also our van broke down and we may have to scrap it and buy a new-to-us one. Once we move and are settled in I am hoping to get into a new routine of blogging much more regularly.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is Russell. Of the kids I gave birth to he is my first born. As with any first born he was the one I knew nothing about birthing but has been my guina pig (at least until I married Steve because now I have my step-children who are allowing me to learn parenting skills with them! :) He is such a happy kid. He is into Hockey (as the goalie!), Cub Scouts, and is in T&T in AWANA. Russell is always trying to build something whether it be a contraption on our wagon to hold a fold up chair or just playing with his legos, he loves to build. Right now he is wanting to get into wood-working/carpentry. Maybe someday I can have my little guy build me a nice set of bookcases.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pics of the kids: Katerina

First of all let me say happy birthday to Katerina!! She just turned 4 a few days ago! It always amazes me how quickly the time seems to go as the kids grow. Of the babies I gave birth to Katerina is the one who made me wait the longest to meet her. I tend to have my babies on the early side and she waited until 38 and 1/2 weeks before she made her appearance. She is deffinately one who likes to do things in her own time. She thinks she is so much older than she actually is which is just funny. I like to joke that she is 4 going on 13. She is also excited because she is starting gymnastics in about a week. Katerina just can't wait! So here are her pics.

Some pics I like of the kids: Natalia

I want to start adding more pictures of the kids so I will slowly work at putting more pictures on my blog. First here are some that I like of Natalia. The pic on the left is from about a month ago. The other two are from when she was only a few days old. It's amazing how big she is getting! She is so full of smiles and is just such a calm, happy baby.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life lessons

There are some moments in life where we need to step back and evualuate what we need to be doing in our lives. We recently had to start getting up earlier due to a change in Savanna's bus schedule and it's started me thinking about all the things I need to start doing at home on a more regular basis. So I'm trying to get into a good routine with housecleaning, homeschooling, and just basic life schedules. Yet I still need to remember to step back and laugh as well. Yesterday was a long day of taking care of sick kids. Katerina just wanted to be held all day and when she would let me I got a few things done as fast as I could, well last night I found that there was a perfect pen made handprint that Katerina had managed to put on the couch. All I could do was laugh. What else can you do in this situation? So today I encourage you all to look at the things you need to do and come up with a good plan, but then to also remember to smile!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God's blessing on us!

Yes our God is an awesome God who answers prayers! And he has answered our prayers of a house. We currently live in a single-wide mobile home, with 6 children. It was getting just a bit cramped but in His perfect time He has supplied us with a house! It is a 5 bedroom, 2 bath house which sits on almost a full acre of land! I can finally have a garden! Now, it is a repo which basically means that we have a lot of work to do, but that's all right by us. Thank you Lord! Thank you!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cat food and Macaroni

So you know you're a parent look in the cat's bowl and realize there are uncooked macaroni noodles in it. So as a good animal caretaker you pick all the noodles out. Then you ask yourself how the noodles got in there in the first place. It really is a valid question, especially when you realize that you were the one to just refill the cat's bowl. After closer inspection of the box that we keep the cat food in I realized that my 3 year old had decided to add a decent amount of macaroni noodles to the cat's food. It's funny now that I think about it, but this morning as I was slowly... slowly working my way at picking all the noodles out it wasn't that funny.