Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hayden's birth story

I am obviously very past due in this but I want to tell you about the birth of Hayden Michael Thomas. On January 30, 2012 I was getting ready to take my daughter, Katerina, to her gymnastics makeup class and I told her to get her outfit on and I would use the bathroom and then we would go. As I washed my hands I realized that I was leaking a little bit of some fluid. As I looked at the puddle on the floor it dawned on me that it was probably my water that had broken! I was so excited but also in unbelief that the time was finally here.

I first called my husband into the bathroom and asked him what he thought it was because I was in shock that my water had broken. It's never broken on its own before. He said, "what else could it be?" So then I went to the bedroom to make some phone calls. First call not to the midwife. LOL. I called the gymnastics place because if you call before missing a class they let you make it up most times and I knew this would count! So then Steve comes into the bedroom and asks me what the midwife said. It was too funny when I told him I hadn't called her yet. The look on his face was one of questioning my sanity. So I picked up the phone and called the midwife. She asked me some questions and then said that since I wasn't having any contractions yet to go ahead and eat a light dinner and then come on in to the hospital. So I sit down to eat a bowl of soup. I was excited but very calm.

Meanwhile around me there were 5 kids and Steve all rushing around, asking questions, and just in general getting hyped up. I finally looked at them and told them all to calm down. I was fine.

To be continued....

Part 2

Part 3

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Sun. Mar 10 Sloppy Joes, Chips, Veggies (Kids birthday party)
Mon. Mar 11 Sheperd's Pie in crock pot
Tues. Mar 12 Corned Beef, Mashed Potatoes and gravy, Mixed Veggies
Weds. Mar 13 Tator tot Casserole
Thurs Mar 14 Spaghetti
Fri Mar 15 Shells and Chesse with Spaghetti Sauce
Sat. Mar 16 Beef Roast with roasted veggies

Menu Plan Monday

Mon. Mar 4 White Chicken Chili
Tues. Mar. 5 Meatloaf
Weds. Mar. 6 Cream Cheese Chicken
Thurs. Mar. 7 Spaghetti Sauce over Shells and Cheese
Fri. Mar. 8 Tacos/Nachos
Sat. Mar. 9 Pizza