Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hayden's birth story

I am obviously very past due in this but I want to tell you about the birth of Hayden Michael Thomas. On January 30, 2012 I was getting ready to take my daughter, Katerina, to her gymnastics makeup class and I told her to get her outfit on and I would use the bathroom and then we would go. As I washed my hands I realized that I was leaking a little bit of some fluid. As I looked at the puddle on the floor it dawned on me that it was probably my water that had broken! I was so excited but also in unbelief that the time was finally here.

I first called my husband into the bathroom and asked him what he thought it was because I was in shock that my water had broken. It's never broken on its own before. He said, "what else could it be?" So then I went to the bedroom to make some phone calls. First call not to the midwife. LOL. I called the gymnastics place because if you call before missing a class they let you make it up most times and I knew this would count! So then Steve comes into the bedroom and asks me what the midwife said. It was too funny when I told him I hadn't called her yet. The look on his face was one of questioning my sanity. So I picked up the phone and called the midwife. She asked me some questions and then said that since I wasn't having any contractions yet to go ahead and eat a light dinner and then come on in to the hospital. So I sit down to eat a bowl of soup. I was excited but very calm.

Meanwhile around me there were 5 kids and Steve all rushing around, asking questions, and just in general getting hyped up. I finally looked at them and told them all to calm down. I was fine.

To be continued....

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