Thursday, May 28, 2009


I don't know why I put myself through such torture every year, but I do it. Every year my daughters need new bathing suits and every year I arrive home frustrated at the lack of selection. This year when I went into my rant, my husband said, "You can't be the only one fed up with this, we don't you blog about it." And so here I am. First I went into Walmart. After finding success with two adorable t-shirt/shorts combos for my two youngest I was on to find something for my older two girls.

This is where I started getting mad. I think I saw one, yes ONE one-piece. That's it. And the cutout for the legs looked like it was meant to show off far more than I want to think about my girls showing. Then I thought well maybe a cute two-piece that covered everything. Nope. Aparently two-pieces are created to show off everything but what legally has to be covered. And this is in the 4-16 section! Why do we as a society think it is cute to have our little girls look like...well you know. I found a single pair of shorts bottoms at walmart and scooped them up like gold. Then I went to target where I scored cute outfits last year. They had two styles and had only one matching set in a size I needed. But because I had grabbed the shorts from walmart I was able to pair it up to a t-shirt style top and voila. We have swimsuits for the year. (Or at least until someone grows out of them.)

Now if only I could find a good bathing suit for myself. Sigh. Maybe I'll have to look into ordering them online next year.

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