Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well it's almost time for voting to be over. Did you vote? I feel like a kid waiting for something. I have CNN on and I'm waiting to see what the results are. I really hope we can keep a republican congress. I may not agree with all that they have done, but I am a conservative christian so I am more in line with republicans. Ohio just put out that they aren't going to post results until 9 pm. So I am waiting up for that. Plus I am hoping to IM dh late tonight. It's not fun when time zones are so different. Currently the difference is 8 hours. Oh well, I am just so glad I get to IM him! And God has kept him safe, which I am also so grateful for. We just found out dh may be able to come home by April 15! I hope it is that soon. Well time to go watch the election results.

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