Sunday, October 03, 2010

How life can change in such a short time...

God in his providence changed our lives dramatically this past week. Without getting into too many personal details I will simply say that our prayers have been answered and my husband got custody of his son. As I sit and reflect on this moment I am in awe of how God in His mighty power can change our lives so quickly. All last week I was so worked up over the details and I had to reside in the promises of the Bible. God has told how we cannot add one minute to our lives through worry (Matthew 6:27) and how He will work everything out to His glory and His goodness.

And it strikes me how we can go through trials in our lives and feel as if we are so small and insignificant to Him but all the while He is behind the scenes doing amazing things on our behalf. I hope that this is a lesson that I can always hold fast to and can treasure forever. Through my crisis He carried me and gave His angels charge over me and never let my foot be dashed on the stones. ( Psalms 91)

Thank you Lord, Thank you! I will praise you Lord and thank you for this gift. Please bless us through this and watch over our family. And please be with all the others that are involved in this difficult but happy moment. Amen.

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