Thursday, October 06, 2011

It's time to move on with life.

When I originally created this blog I thought it would be a unique way to put encouragment out there for other moms of many and to record the interesting things in my family.

I never imagined that I'd also be documenting the loss of a child. While MaKayla is still alive and hopefully well, thank God, we are still no longer allowed to have a relationship with her. There are times when I think that I am healing well and as okay with the present as I can possible be, but then something will happen that bring the pain to the surface and it feels like it will never be okay again. I am told this is normal in the grieving process. I wish I could tell you all that someday I will be fully healed, but I think these wounds will always live.

 Someday I pray to have her back in our lives again. For my children to once again be able to truely know their sister, as opposed to her being a picture on the wall or a series of stories from before they can remember.

Yet it is so important to all of us that through this pain that we see that God has a purpose to all that happens in our lives and that we must push forward through our tears and embrace all the good He has in store for us.

 As always it seems like life has been hard. This summer Steve was hit with another bad bout with his illness, P.O.T.S. He was unable to keep working and it was a struggle for us to go the summer with numerous doctor visits to work on getting it under control again. Thank God it is now under control and hopefully he will soon have another job.

 The funny thing is shortly after he came down with being sick God showed us that He was in control and gave us a huge blessing....a new baby! I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with our new baby, a boy we are going to name Hayden Michael Thomas.

We are so excited to meet our newest little blessing and that it's a boy after such a long time of only having girls. LOL. It's weird to think we are going to have blue clothes and little cars again. Steve actually said he never thought he'd have another boy, just girls. He adores his girls and was perfectly fine with that, but God shocked him!

In closing I guess it is obvious that this blog is about a regular family who is blessed by God with a life full of lessons, both good and bad, so that we may draw closer to Him and praise Him in all things.

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