Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meeting their brother

     It is amazing how different things are as you start to have the ages of your kids really spread out over time. It used to be a worry on what to do with the little kids when I went into labor. We had to think through who would be available to come quickly to our house or be ready for the kids to be dropped off. This time was totally different. All of our older kids were home and we were able to simply leave the house knowing that the older kids would be able to care for the younger ones. 

     Then the next morning when it was time for the fun first meeting for all the siblings, we were able to have James drive the younger ones up to the hospital for us. Wow. Stop and think about that for a minute if you have younger kids. LOL. Can you imagine being able to have a family support system like this in your own household? It's amazing! And our big kids really stepped up and helped out in such a fantastic way. Remember they had to not only drive the kids to the hospital but also get them dressed, teeth brushed, breakfast made and cleaned up, and diapers done for Hayden. But this is part of the awesome way a larger family can operate. Okay, I'm done bragging on the older kids. Now time for the fun part, pictures. Some of the kids are pretty funny!

Russell was a little disappointed to have to wait a few hours to come to the hospital but loves holding his little brother!

Katerina is so proud to be able to start stepping up as an older kid and adores this little brother of hers. Which shows that a baby is lovable no matter wether they are a boy or a girl. (If you remember she wasn't thrilled that Elijah was a boy since she wanted a baby sister.)

James is at the age where babies are just kinda there but I catch him every so often playing with the little ones in such a sweet way. Shhh don't let the word get out that he's a softy on the inside.

Of course Hayden can't be left out! He loves holding his little brother. The only problem is he is over excited and only two so he needs to be blocked sometimes from getting to Elijah. 

Natalia wishes she were older so she could hold Elijah more often. It's hard when you are only five and have to contend with older siblings who are allowed to just pick up the baby and you have to wait for help. 

Savanna is the one who did a lot of the work in making sure the little ones were properly dressed and that basic hygiene was done before leaving the house. We teased her a little because when she arrived it looked as if she was a little out of it since she had no makeup on and her hair wasn't really done up. (These are two areas she enjoys doing everyday before ever leaving the house.)

I'm sure you can tell that we are all totally in love with this tiny, precious bundle from God!

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