Thursday, November 15, 2007

How do you view children?

One thing I've been struggling with lately is the way people react to my five children. And if I mention that I really want more....well I guess that earns me a label of "crazy". BUT I don't care. Children are such blessings. I don't know what I would be without them. Each child, no matter how they came into my life (birth or marriage) is a tremendous gift to me.

 J is an aspiring chef and has such wisdom. Yet he was born when my husband was only 17 years old. I don't care. I wouldn't trade him for anything! (I'm not advicating young unwed parents, but I am saying that children are a blessing and are not reponisble for the actions of their parents, thus they deserve life after having been conceived and can truely be treasures from God as such.)

 And S is such a sweet person who tries to help. She is a bit of a dreamer but also has such fire. She will be able to go so far in life.

 M is a different child. Some would label her a difficult child, but again I don't care. She causes me to think about my parenting skills and constantly revise them to help her best. She loves helping with her younger sibilings and is awesome at Math.

R is another dreamer, but behind that is a very smart person who can do anything. He is a pleaser and wants to help me when I am down. He is also the one who will come and snuggle me or hug me when he senses I am down.

K as the current baby uses this position in life for all it's worth. I think she has not only me and dh but also the 4 older kids wrapped around her little finger. She is a bit of a temper-mental child but I've learned to love these personalities for the wonders they contain.

My heart yearns so much for another child. My dh wants another one too but feels he can't right now due to finances. This is such a hard place for us since we believe children are such blessings. I pray that someday soon God will place relief in our path and we will soon add another baby blessing to our quiverfull of children. I'm not sure who wrote this quote but I love it and it sums up how dh and I feel. In the bible God calls children a blessing and debt a curse, but in our society we apply for curses and reject blessings. Something is wrong with that picture.

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