Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lack of socialization or just plain shy

Katerina started gymnastics this past Saturday and it brought the oppurtunity for my husband and I to once again discuss how shy she is when she first enters new situations. Once she warms up to her new enviroment she does great but the first half and hour or so she is really scared. This is what happened at gymnastics. She just couldn't bring herself to participate in the beginning. I'm sure there were some people who would attribute this to the fact that she is homeschooled and not in public school. Yet really if you think about it this is just part of her personality. She eventually warmed up and then did fantastic! She really enjoyed the last half of the session and I hope she will continue to enjoy it as she goes through it.


Kim C. said...

I wouldn't chalk it up to homeschooling either. I attended public schools through 5th grade, and though I was a natural leader (class president every year) each time I moved to a new school - 8 times in 5 years - I spent the entire first day bawling my eyes out.
Some of us simply have a harder time adjusting to new situaion.
I think homeschoolers tend to be better adjusted since they usually spend more time interacting with a wider variety of ages and under far more varied settings than children who spend 8 hours/day in an age-segregated institution.

Vickie said...

I agree. I don't think it has anything to do with homeschooling. I was never homeschooled and my family likes to say I didn't start talking til I was 25 and I've been making up for it ever since :) Our quietness, slow to warm up and get comfortable, "shyness", is just part of some of our personalities. It isn't how and where we were schooled it is how God made us. One other thing I've noticed....personal experience.....me being shy, I shied away from "experimenting". My sister being very outgoing and doesn't meet a stranger, tried anything and everything. So....look at her shyness as a protection barrier on her part and don't push her to "join in" if she isn't ready. This will be very helpful when she becomes a teen :) God's Blessings.