Saturday, September 08, 2007

The things kids do

You have to love the things your kids do to you. The kids were in a rare mood today. Basically it was...oh it's mom and dad's anniversary? well that means we should act as wild as possible! And for my anniversary what do I get to do? I get to send my husband off to work and stay home and clean. I jokingly told him that he would have to call off because I was leaving for a vacation. Oh on a side note I've found the best way to get kids to clean--buy a new vacuum. My dad got Steve and I a new vacuum for an anniversary present (and an air matress for camping! I am moving up in the world now!! :) All the kids were present for the opening of the box and they were all fighting over who got to use the vacuum first. Of course that only lasted about five minutes. What did I get to do tonight for my anniversary? I took a bath. Yup. I layed K down for a nap, let the others play and I enjoyed a bath. For those of you who don't have kids let me tell you how hard it is to get to enjoy a nice hot bath. Take today for instance. I started by arguing with my 2 year old that naptimes are not a punishment but are mandatory. After getting her to lay down I did some laundry and some other chores. I draw the bath and find a good book. I was in there for about ten minutes when K comes in and announces "I awake!....That hot water? I take a bath?" This is why mom's don't get to take baths very often. Oh, and all this isn't even mentioning the desitin that she found earlier today and thought would make a great polish for the front door and for her hands. Now she's standing here telling me her brother took her sock. The best part is she has the sock in her hand. Okay one more funny moment for you. So S is telling me about school and looking at the United States map we have on our kitchen table and she announces that she didn't know Montana was a state until a few days ago. I looked at her astonished and asked "what did you think it was?" her answer was "I thought it was like Wyoming" "Well what is Wyoming?" " A state, duh" I just sat there scratching my head and looking at her. Okay well K is trying to go potty in the living room so I've got to go.

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