Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ugh...There are weeks...or days

It seems like the everyday life of a mother is a very different thing each day. Some days you feel like you are just gliding along doing so well with your chores, your children, just everything. Then there are days where you feel like it would take a month to accomplish what you need to try to do in one day. Today feels like one of those days. Well really it has been feeling like that all week long. My two stepkids who are homeschooling started school this week and it's been hard getting in that routine. They attend an umbrella charter school called Ohdela and while it's nice, it's been quite a journey helping their mom get everything set up and getting into a schedule. I'm sure that life will settle down soon. In the meantime I thought I would blog about the idea of christians and homesteading. While I see the merits of living off the land and by that token really depending on God, I can also see how there are Christians who are not able to do this and yet are still able to fully depend on God and his timing. For instance (I know it's not food but it's the same principle) we really needed a vacuum. All we had was a really cheap thing from walmart that didn't even have a beater brush. We waited and waited. We even were window shopping in walmart and found one we liked and it was on sale, but the money just wasn't there. Then my dad calls and says he has a present for us for our anniversary. It was the same exact vacuum that we had picked out! There are so many more examples of how God has provided for our family, but I only have time for this one right now. Needless to say whether you live on a farm or anywhere else God will still look after you.

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