Saturday, October 27, 2007

CVS update

Okay so I finally got to go to CVS. It's been a crazy week since I had my stepkids and got to help them do their homeschooling all week. We logged 42 hours for both of them! Whew! So anyway tonight I finally got to go to CVS and guess what...yup they were all out of the crest prohealth night toothpaste. That was the third time I've tried to get it and it is still sold out! UGH!!! Oh well, I still did pretty good. My total between the three transactions was $105.10 and I spent $20.52 out of pocket. Here's what I got:

Transaction #1: Dayquil 4.49 (-$1.50 coupon)
Tylenol under the buy $20 get $10: $26.97 ($15 in coupons)
Total: $31.46- $5 off of $30 order - coupons above - $6ECB = $5.24 + $10ECB

Transaction #2: 6 x Herbal Essences shampoo & conditioner sale 2/$8
- 2 x B2G1 free coupons = $26-8 = $16 get $6ECB
Tylenol deal again $26.97 - $15 in coupons
Total: $52.97 - $10 off of $50 order - coupons - $10ECB = $9.33 + $16 in ECBs

Transaction #3: Fructis Shampoo 7.79 (- $1 coupon) get $4ECB
4 gallons of milk at $3.29
Total: $20.95 - $4 off of $20 order - coupon - $10ECB = $5.95 + $4ECB

Grand Total: $105.10 but only spent $20.52 out of pocket! And I was so proud since when I organized this trip I was thrown for a loop by the crest prohealth not being there. But hey I did alright! I'm pretty proud of myself. It seems like I am finally starting to understand couponing a little. Oh and I did Walgreens last week as well. I spent about $29 and will recieve $19.76 back in rebates! Pretty good, huh? For that one I got the Fructis conditioner, the buy $20 get $10 for the capri suns, and the beano. I think that's all. I can't remember now. It's such a rush to be able to save so much money for my family. Now I just have to figure out how to do this coupon thing at a grocery store. It seems so much more complicated there, plus I'm nervous I'll spend more than I should since right now we only have about $165 a month for groceries for our big family. My dh is going to try to go hunting at the end of this month and God willing will bag a deer or two to help us out. Any tips on hunting would be great! Thanks.

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