Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthday season

At our house we have birthday season. Starting in late Feb. we have 3 birthdays. First is Katerina's, then Savanna's is two days later. Then about a week later is James. Next is Mine which is in late March. Then we have MaKayla and Russell's whose are in the first week of April. It is a busy time of year but we love it. I like to make cupcakes for the kids to take to church or school for their friends but I got a shock this year. When I asked Savanna how many kids were in the youth group at church for making these cupcakes she found out the number is 75!!! Then there are about 5 to 7 adults. Wow that is alot of cupcakes!

Also going on at our house is Natalia trying to learn to say more and more. She keeps getting so frustrated because she doesn't get the attention immediately that she wants when she trys to tell me something so she whines. Poor baby. Oh and then my husband and I are starting to work out using the P90X tapes and we got a perfect pull up bar to do our workouts. All the kids wanted to try it. Then Natalia runs over to it and is motioning to me that she wants to try too. It is too cute.

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