Monday, February 08, 2010

How NOT to dye your hair.

Apparantly when you are an almost 5 year old and you see that your big sister got her hair dyed, you start to wonder how to dye your hair to be cool too. Katerina found a unique solution yesterday. She got some nail polish and put it all over her hair. I go into the bathroom to see what she is doing and there she is looking very unhappy (I guess it wasn't quite the look she was going for?). So then I'm trying to figure out how to get the nail polish out of her hair. I love the internet! After a quick search it seemed that if you put the child in the tub and get the hair wet, then apply a small amount of baby oil you can pull the nail polish out. It took a while to do, but hey it worked. Now that a day has past I can laugh, but oh was I not happy when she did it. LOL. Got to love kids.

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