Friday, January 07, 2011

Homeschooling check up

I know some of you homeschool and some don't, but I thought it might be fun to write down how this first big year of homeschooling is going with Katerina. Someday I will look back and read this and smile as I reminisce about how much my baby has grown.

She loves to be read to and we finished half of the books in the Chronicle of Narnia series to date. However she does not like having to learn to read. Some days it's a fight to get her to sit down and do the few pages of reading she needs to do. She's to the point that she CAN read simple things, she just doesn't want to. Yet she loves working on her Explode the Code workbooks and has only a few pages left in book C. (Every time she finishes a workbook she gets to spend a dollar at the Dollar Tree, one of our favorite stores.)

We have only a few weeks left in most of the Kindergarten curriculum and then we move to the Gallop the Globe unit study. This will finish out our year and part of next year. We are both excited for the change to something else.

It seems that I haven't quite found the right fit for her as far as history goes because she doesn't seem to interested yet. So for next year I will need to switch to a new curriculum. This choice and the decision on what to buy is driving my husband crazy since I, as a history major, love to research but can't quite decide what I want to do. So I ask him all the time for his opinion and he isn't sure what to do either. I guess tune in later in the year to find out what I choose.

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