Monday, January 03, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Okay so my menus run on a two week schedule but for the purposes of this I'm only going to give you this week's menu and then I'll post more next week.

Sunday: Breakfast- eggs and toast
             Lunch- leftovers or sandwiches
             Dinner- Tacos

Monday: Breakfast- Cream of wheat
              Lunch- taco salad from the leftover tacos
              Dinner- Beef Roasts with baked yams and green beans

Tuesday: Breakfast- Pancakes
              Lunch- Leftover roast or sandwiches
              Dinner- Tuna Casserole (for everyone but Savanna who has to get some teeth pulled since these baby teeth are stubborn and won't come out on their own. Poor thing, right? She gets applesauce, yogurt, and chicken soup until she is ready for solids again.)

Wednesday: Breakfast- Eggs and toast
                   Lunch- leftover tuna casserole
                   Dinner- ham and navy bean soup with cornbread muffins

Thursday: Breakfast- Baked Oatmeal
                Lunch- Leftover ham and bean soup
                Dinner- Baked Chicken, Baked potatoes, with green beans and cranberry sauce

Friday: Breakfast- oatmeal
           Lunch- PB and J sandwiches with carrot sticks and applesauce
           Dinner- Beef Stew

Saturday: Breakfast- Eggs and toast
               Lunch- Steak and pasta salad (this was given to us and needs to be used)
               Dinner- Pot pie


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