Wednesday, November 27, 2013

4th of July week camping

 Please forgive the weird placement of the photos. I had a hard time figuring out how to post them in a more ascetic manner. Oh well the fun part is seeing the pictures, right?
 So the first few days we were camping it rained pretty good. As you can see Russell fell in a puddle running from our popup to my dad's RV. It was so funny that I quickly got the camera and told him not to move. After one of the really good storms the little dip between campsites turned into a small creek. And of course the kids wanted to play in it. So I did what any mom does...I took pictures!

 You can see how deep the water got in the little creek. After a good day or so of clear weather all the water was gone and things cleared up for the rest of the week.

 So we went fishing. We have been going to this campground since I was a kid and we always joke that the bluegill that practically jump on your hook are "piranhas." Well as normal the kids were able to catch a lot of "piranhas" but the best catch was Katerina's catfish. She was allowed to help Grandpa take the bluegill off the hook but he insisted on taking the catfish off.

 Natalia wasn't as patient with fishing but true to the norm she was able to catch a few "piranhas" as well. I love that I have pictures of my dad and the kids! He is an awesome grandpa and I know they will have wonderful memories from these pictures just as I have of my grandfather at this campground.

 Next we went to a local baseball field and caught a game. Because it wasn't major league there are so many more things for the kids to do. The older kids enjoyed the game and I took the youngers to do face painting, run across the field, see an owl up close, and watch a clown make balloon animals for them. Oh and of course eat hotdogs because you have to have a hotdog at the game.

 On the night before 4th of July we went to Blossom. It's an outdoor/indoor stage music arena. The outdoor portion is on a really big hill. We took a picnic dinner and after another quick rainstorm it dried up and we had a blast. I loved the patriotic music and you can see the kids loved it too! You can see Katerina pretending to be the director.
 You can see that we had a lot of down time and this is one of my favorite pictures, Steve with Hayden and Natalia swinging on this old swing which over looks the lake.

 We also got to go to the Holden Arborium. We hiked and then checked out the kids zone. The kids loved the miniature zipline.

This is Natalia playing her little "guitar." I love when she does this because it is just so cute!!

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