Tuesday, November 19, 2013

California in May

 This is pretty much how we traveled as we went through the airport and whenever we were out and about sight seeing. The umbrella stoller helped too for the airport but I think it is so much easier if you know you are going to be encountering steps or crowded situations to be able to put your little one in a carrier. I was able to stick diapers and wipes in the little pouch I made on this carrier and his sippy cup in my pocket. I love babywearing!

 This is my little guy watching the planes before we took off on our first flight. He was such a good traveler! Hayden had never been on a plane before so I didn't know how he would do. I packed so much into my diaper bag that it barely zipped closed but during our layover on the way there he had a diaper blowout. I quickly changed him and we moved to get in line for our next flight. As I stand there I realize that something still smells. Then I looked down and realized it was my shirt! Boy was I glad I had packed a spare t-shirt for myself too!

See I told you he was a good traveler!
 One of the neat things we were able to do was for the rehersal dinner we went to a bocce ball resturant. It was a lot of fun! As you can see Hayden wanted to keep throwing the balls. James loved it too, although he played with the grownups.

This is a picture of beautiful Napa Valley. We went and visited a winery there and enjoyed driving around. What a gorgeous country the Lord has made!

 These pictures of us looking awesome are from the wedding. What a beautiful wedding! And my cousin was an absolutely stunning bride! James was in charge of Hayden during the ceremony so that I could enjoy it but really Hayden was a good kid and sat nicely most of the time.

 Another one of the cool things we did was go and visit San Francisco. My uncle is a retired police officer from there and knows all the best places to visit. We rode the cable car, saw fisherman's wharf and had dinner at a delicious Chinese restaurant. Hayden again rode in the carrier and as you can see here he enjoys it! James loved the food and we all ate so much! It was such an awesome trip and I know I will treasure the memories with these boys!

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