Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Camping...what do you eat?

Ok so you know what we sleep in and where we like to go but now we move on to what to eat. For starters I should say that when we go camping I do let my kids have some junk food. A lot of times I will grab some pop-tarts and soda pop. The kids think it's cool and they only get pop-tarts a few times a year.

Breakfasts are normally done all out. Big, and I mean big! Bacon, eggs, sausage, french toast or pineapple (or sometimes blueberry) pancakes, orange juice, and sometimes a fruit bowl. The bad thing is that we normally eat breakfast much later in the morning then my kids are used to so that is part of the reason for the pop-tarts.

Lunch is more simple. Sandwiches, chips, fruit, and sometimes if Grandpa is involved, cookies. A lot of times we skip lunch or do a very small lunch because everyone is still full from breakfast.

Dinner is the most fun, in my opinion. It is where we have a greater variety of recipes. We've done things cooked on the campfire, such as hot dogs or a type of aluminum foil meal (meat and potatoes wrapped in foil and stuck in the fire.) We've also done foods cooked on the grill. My dad brings a small grill and we use that a lot! One of my favorite meals is pork tenderloin from Aldi. They come in a few different pre-seasoned packets and once grilled are melt in your mouth good! Pair those with some grilled assorted veggies and you have some really good eating. However if you are going to be busy all day than using the crockpot is also a wonderful thing. There is nothing better than to come back to the camper tired and hungry from a long day out hiking or boating and find that dinner is cooked and ready.

And who could forget dessert? Smores are of course a staple in our meal plan for camping. Last year when we went to Colorado there were fire bans and we couldn't do campfires so we did smores over the grill. And we also do something called camper pies. You put two pieces of bread in the pie iron and then you put your filling in. We have done pizza pies and we've done fruit pies with apple pie or cherry pie filling. Then you stick the iron in the fire for a few seconds. The key is not burning your pie. These are such a treat that the kids usually beg for us to start them early instead of waiting after dinner.

This is just to give you some ideas of how we do our meals, but really you can do a swagbucks search and find so many different ideas. The idea is just to have fun and enjoy your time out in God's world!

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