Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Camping...where do you camp?

Ok so you've made the decision to go camping but now you need to know WHERE to go. We like going to state parks mostly. Living in Ohio we are able to go to many beautiful state parks with plenty of hiking, fishing, swimming, and sometimes more activities.

Two state parks I want to mention today are:

Hocking Hills State Park was so gorgeous and the trails alone are worth a trip there. The last time we went I was about 5 months pregnant with Natalia. I carried Katerina in the maya wrap and let the bigger kids enjoy the walk. It was definitely a workout but the fun we had was so worth it!

Maumee Bay State Park is a place that we have started going once a year because it was a big deal to my sister's boyfriend's family. They love boating and state parks along Lake Erie are the perfect combination for both! All of us enjoy this park because we get to go on the boat and enjoy tubing behind the boat plus all the other activities we normally enjoy such as fishing, hiking, and of course a campfire!

We have also camped at KOA's across the continental USA. Last summer we did a big vacation to Colorado and most of the campgrounds we stayed at were KOA's. The campground in Ouray, Colorado was only a few miles from downtown Ouray and was well located to the places we visited around the area. (It was also way too close to the Million Dollar Highway that we took a few times but that is another blogpost for another day. The kids loved it but apparently at some point in my life I became scared of heights. Beautiful views though!)

What are the costs? That's the beauty of state parks! Typically you are looking at paying about $30 to $35 a night. And since you can bring your own food and cook it there it is a cheap way to get out and make some family memories! But now you ask what can you cook while camping? Stay tuned for tomorrow and I will tell you what we like to cook when we are camping.

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