Friday, May 03, 2013

Large Family Camping

Well maybe I should title this semi-large family since there are families much bigger than ours and we won't have all the kids for this weekends camping trip. As many of you know, our older kids are not biologically both my husbands and mine together. So this being Mother's Day weekend we don't have James or Savanna since they will be spending time with their mothers.

But everyone from Russell on down will be going camping! We love to camp! It's something the kids look forward to all winter long and then all summer they count down to the next trip. Right now Katerina has counted down on the calendar the days so that we can instantly look and see how long we have until it's time to leave.

Sometimes it can look like a lot of work to go camping. In the beginning of our marriage my husband thought it was kinda silly to pack up all your stuff to go set it all back up somewhere else just so you could have "fun".  My how times have changed. He really enjoys going camping now. It's a fun way to go and unwind in a new environment with the family. I guess you could say camping is in my blood, and now it's continued into my children's as well. When I was growing up my parents would take us camping every memorial day and labor day weekend and at least a week long vacation in the summer. Sometimes we would go on more trips but at the least we were able to go three times a year. We didn't really "do" amusement parks...instead we did national parks. The history, fun, and family memories myself and my siblings learned in such a natural way will stick with me forever and that's what I want to give to my kids.

So next week I will give you a peek into what camping looks like in our family. What do we sleep in? How do we pack for everyone? What do we cook? Stay tuned for how this mom takes her kids on the camping adventures.

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